Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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The full wholesale assortment is not available to be seen online, however one can get an impression of it, by viewing our webshop  However, we emphasize that the current version of this webshop (dating from 2009) does not allow us to update the photos, althoug the product names, prices and descriptions do appear.  After May 2021, we expect to have online our new webshop, where one could see a lot better presentation of our assortment.

We are interested in any kind of toys with good quality level, as well as other products for children, which do not necessarily belong to the toys category.

Our law requires to provide EN71 test reports, as well as CE declarations of conformity, according to the EU legislative.  For products other than toys, adequate testing reports are required, other than EN71.

We are striving to make the best combination of price and quality, to be able to offer our products to a wider group of people.  Price and quality are always in corelation, however, the good price must not compromise the satisfactory quality level.  We are most happy when we have a very good quality products at very competitive prices

Our wholesale customers are mainly toyshops or other specialty shops for children products, bigger supermarkets which have toy sections, kindergartens, as well as companies that have need for playground equipment.  We also sell retail online.